Good-bye Awkward Closet, Hello Home Office

What the closet currently looks like.
Well, I have managed to talk my husband into moving ahead with changing the storage closet into his home office. As you can see in the picture, it isn't all does have a full size window! The closet  also has it's own vent. The only thing we need to add is an electrical outlet. To be honest, the closet didn't function that well,  the shelves were too deep and you could never reach the stuff in back. It is an awkward space that hopefully will function better as my husband's office.  Right now I am busy clearing the shelves off and decluttering along the way.

Should I put my husband in the closet?

(example of our renovation clutter)
I haven't posted lately because I have been in the midst of decluttering not only my desk, but also trying to get the house under control before our second bundle of joy arrives at the end of May.  The project list continues to grow.... my latest mission: find my husband a home office space.

Despite having a house with fairly large square footage we are out of rooms! Lil B will move into the bigger bedroom and new baby will have the nursery. It just so happens my husband works from home and is using the bigger bedroom as his office. Unfortunately, it won't work to share a toddler space and a home office space. I have a solution but my husband isn't quite on board yet. There is a storage closet on the second floor. It is a bit of an awkward space because it is long and rectangular. I think with a little creativity we can make this a home office space for not much money. Better than sticking him in the garage, right?

Preggers and Nesting

The nesting instinct has kicked in. I rearranged the furniture in three rooms today...much to my husband's displeasure as he had to do the heavy lifting and I directed. I have posted before about our house and how it has been an ongoing project as we have redone everything from the floor to the ceilings in every room. As I look back we have made a lot of progress from when we were expecting Lil B. I am still hoping to get few more projects done before the arrival of 2.0! More details to come.


Messy Desk Makeover Part Two

I am going to be isn't just my desk that is cluttered and messy. The clutter trail extends through the house and there are certain areas that are not functional because of it. I am not talking Hoarder style just piles of things that need a home. For example, the dining room table is currently housing laundry and tupperware and random miscellaneous dishes that have not found a new home since our kitchen remodel.

Well, I have declared war on the clutter. However, it is not an overnight magical change. I knew if I wanted to change the way the house was I had to change me and start new habits but I did not know where to start. Then I came across the FlyLady.  This website has a lot of information but they focus on starting with baby steps....this I could do. Start with one thing and gradually add on. It has only been two weeks but our house has changed even with taking the baby steps. I still have clutter on top of the dining room table for right now but I have a whole new outlook on clutter.

I am no way paid by FlyLady, just want to share what seems to be working for one busy full time working mom.

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Got Toys?

Notice all the toys being ignored in the background!
I like to think of myself as a resourceful person. As an Art teacher with a limited supply budget, I am always on the look out for using everyday things in new ways. This has carried over into my personal life as well. Sometimes the best toys are the things you have around the house.

Lil B' loves boxes. If he sees an empty diaper box he likes to pretend it is a car. We also had fun for 30 minutes by placing small cardboard scraps into an empty graham cracker box. He loved to shake it with the pieces inside and then tip it over and watch the pieces fall out. The fact this had his focus for 30 minutes was amazing to me. Do you have any favorite toys from ordinary household items?


More Chicken Soup Please

When I was little I remember my Grandmother making the best chicken noodle soup. We could really use some around our house today. All three of us have been stricken down with a nice viral infection. Of course it started at daycare and Lil B brought it home to us. As my husband and I both work full time it is always a struggle to find a way to stay home when Lil B is too sick to be at daycare. However, today we all are sick! What is your comfort food while sick?