Messy Desk Makeover Part Two

I am going to be isn't just my desk that is cluttered and messy. The clutter trail extends through the house and there are certain areas that are not functional because of it. I am not talking Hoarder style just piles of things that need a home. For example, the dining room table is currently housing laundry and tupperware and random miscellaneous dishes that have not found a new home since our kitchen remodel.

Well, I have declared war on the clutter. However, it is not an overnight magical change. I knew if I wanted to change the way the house was I had to change me and start new habits but I did not know where to start. Then I came across the FlyLady.  This website has a lot of information but they focus on starting with baby steps....this I could do. Start with one thing and gradually add on. It has only been two weeks but our house has changed even with taking the baby steps. I still have clutter on top of the dining room table for right now but I have a whole new outlook on clutter.

I am no way paid by FlyLady, just want to share what seems to be working for one busy full time working mom.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a clutter problem!

  2. Newest follower from the blog hop. I am battling clutter too and even have a organizational genius as a regular guest blogger. You should check it out out if you get the chance.