Got Toys?

Notice all the toys being ignored in the background!
I like to think of myself as a resourceful person. As an Art teacher with a limited supply budget, I am always on the look out for using everyday things in new ways. This has carried over into my personal life as well. Sometimes the best toys are the things you have around the house.

Lil B' loves boxes. If he sees an empty diaper box he likes to pretend it is a car. We also had fun for 30 minutes by placing small cardboard scraps into an empty graham cracker box. He loved to shake it with the pieces inside and then tip it over and watch the pieces fall out. The fact this had his focus for 30 minutes was amazing to me. Do you have any favorite toys from ordinary household items?


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  3. My little Monkey loves empty boxes also!! Congrats on baby #2!!

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  5. Hi I found your blog on relax and surf sunday. I teach and my preschoolers love it when I let them use real life packaging (I always wash and clean it really good) in their pretend play corner. ~ Becky