Should I put my husband in the closet?

(example of our renovation clutter)
I haven't posted lately because I have been in the midst of decluttering not only my desk, but also trying to get the house under control before our second bundle of joy arrives at the end of May.  The project list continues to grow.... my latest mission: find my husband a home office space.

Despite having a house with fairly large square footage we are out of rooms! Lil B will move into the bigger bedroom and new baby will have the nursery. It just so happens my husband works from home and is using the bigger bedroom as his office. Unfortunately, it won't work to share a toddler space and a home office space. I have a solution but my husband isn't quite on board yet. There is a storage closet on the second floor. It is a bit of an awkward space because it is long and rectangular. I think with a little creativity we can make this a home office space for not much money. Better than sticking him in the garage, right?


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