Time Travel back to 1970 when Orange countertops were "in".

This blog is about being a new mother and balancing being a super mom along with still trying to be a super wife while working full time.  I am now adding another element to that, DIY'er and decorator.

Let me back up a bit, two years ago before Lil' B joined our family we bought a house. It was nice, big, had lots of storage, perfect for starting a family except for one was still stuck in 1970. It had it all: shag carpeting, mirrored tiles, bronze vertical blinds, metallic butterfly wallpaper and, my personal favorite, orange countertops. But I had a vision for the house.

We started with smaller projects that we could do ourselves, the smallest bathroom and laundry room. We learned how to tile, how to change out electrical outlets, all sorts of fun stuff. Then my husband lost his job. Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Needless to say we put all the remodeling on hold.

It has been over a year now, and my husband does have a new job but unfortunately our monthly income is significantly lower. I went back to work after having the baby and our income is still significantly lower than when we made plans for the house. So here we are with a soon to be 1 year old son and a half done house. We are now modifying our original plans and coming up with creative ways to save money while finishing the house.  Read along to follow us on our journey of "recession renovating" Here are some "before" pictures for your enjoyment.



  1. So glad that there is now a public online record of the awesome gold blinds!

  2. We also had vertical blinds in silver and bronze as well!