One Year in a Baseball Chair.

Ok, so lil'b isn't a year old yet but I still thought I would share what we have done to document his growth each month. When I was pregnant my Mother-in-law bought us a baseball chair. My husband is a baseball fanatic so it seemed fitting since we were having a boy. (Although, I will find it funny when lil'b doesn't like baseball at all). Starting when lil'b was a month old we have taken a picture of him in the chair every month. It has been a great way to document his growth and personality along the way. Like the second month picture was taken after his shots, bad planning on my part or in his 9 month picture he fell out of the chair and tried to climb back in himself. I plan to do this for the first year. Not sure how I will continue friends and family want to see him when he turns 16 holding the baseball chair. Don't think we will go that far but would make for a funny picture.

I have started creating a new video based on the pictures. It is not finished yet so instead I will post one of my favorite pictures from month 8 (very presidential looking)!

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